Some Programming Notes

A few words, Gentle Readers:

I must start with an apology. In planning my posts on the Compromise of 1850 I confused a pair of important speeches and so skipped over one, and its associated results, that really belongs back in the reactions to the Wilmot Proviso. Mea culpa. Thus expires my hope to keep the Road to War posts in chronological order. Interrupting the description of the Clay Measures to take it seems jarring and possibly confusing so I shall treat that speech, Calhoun’s Southern Address, immediately after I finish up with what the Measures offered the South.

In less personally embarrassing news, I’ve added categories (over in the sidebar) for Slavery by the Numbers and Road to War for greater ease of navigation. Clicking on either should take you to a page with all the posts under the heading.

Happy navigating. I’m off to perform my Hail Lincolns and be fitted for a hair shirt.

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