A Tiny Update on Glowing Soldiers (and also Twitter)

I reached out to Matt Soniak, author of the Mental Floss piece on Angel’s Glow, via Twitter. He focused more on the science and so couldn’t help me track down periods accounts of the glowing wounds. But he did suggest, as did commenter Stray Cat With a Blog, taking the matter up with Shiloh National Battlefield Park via their contact form. I put it to use and emailed them the question.

As I’ve now mentioned it, I may as well also announce that this blog has a Twitter account (@FreedmensPatrol). I’ve held off on putting the word out for a few reasons. I don’t use it very often, though it does syndicate posts when they go up here. Secondly, when I do use it I’m much more informal than I am here. A fair bit of non-historical minutia and daily life trivia comes through. I try to keep this blog on a PG-13 level with allowances for period racism and other things to help get across a warts and all picture of the past. I don’t filter tweeting quite so much. Maybe I don’t need the disclaimer since Twitter seems to be a more informal, personal medium anyway but it only seems fair to provide one. Feel free to follow me, if so inclined.

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