The Bombardment of Greytown, Behind the Scenes

Gentle Readers,

I meant for a post to this effect to go up with the first post that drew on the New York Tribune extensively, but technical difficulties intervened and by the time I’d resolved them I had forgotten. But having remembered, it’s not too late to set things right.

My copies of the Tribune come from scans of bound volumes available courtesy of the Library of Congress. The OCR text versions of the pages come so garbled that working from them would involve more work than proceeding from the scans, but the scans themselves reveal all the ravages of time upon newsprint. I have to magnify them considerable to read the text and a combination of blurring and fading can make that difficult still. As such, while I take pains to ensure I get the correct read from the images I cannot stand by the accuracy of my quotes from it like I can the scans of the Congressional Globe. I don’t think that I’ll misconstrue anything completely, but words may be wrong here and there. I know it’s taken me three or four tries to get the right line just in the text already quoted. I do my best, but mistakes remain quite possible.

Thank you for bearing with me.

Your input is welcome

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