Thomas Jefferson’s Slave Labor Camp Today

Thomas Jefferson's slave labor camp

Thomas Jefferson’s slave labor camp

I have written before that my visit to Monticello didn’t leave me with many favorable memories. The house and grounds made for pleasant viewing, but my visit back in about 1999 found a site that devoted little attention to the overwhelming majority of the people who had actually lived and worked on the site: the slaves. Commenters at Dead Confederates rightly criticized me for failing to consider how long ago I went and informed me that the site did much better now than it had. I took them at their word, made a correction to the post where I discussed Monticello. Since then I’ve had Kansas mostly on my mind and not given Jefferson’s slave labor camp much further thought.

Today I read Kathleen Thompson’s account of the place over at Civil Discourse. It convinces me that I was right to consider interpretation at Monticello much improved. I would probably prefer something more graphic still, but to some degree that does come down to personal taste and it sounds like the site does a solid job.


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