I’d like to talk about my flair

Gentle Readers, I have another, happier note today. For a few years now, one of my favorite internet places has been Reddit’s AskHistorians board. It’s essentially a running question-and-answer session where anyone can take part. High standards and tight moderation, including a requirement to cite sources if asked, keep it from descending into the customary internet slapfights. Posters include amateur enthusiasts, graduate students, and people working professionally in the field. Users can petition the mods for flair, a colored banner next to the user name, which indicates

Expertise in an area of history, typically from either degree-level academic experience or an equivalent amount of self-study.

After being gently prodded, twice, I went and did it. The inducement of a student of British and American slavery proved decisive. This morning I woke up to find this waiting for me:


So that happened. It would not have, but for the study I’ve undertaken to feed this blog. You are all my co-conspirators. Thank you.

4 comments on “I’d like to talk about my flair

  1. Jimmy Dick says:

    That is cool. Congratuations!

  2. Ric Vorhies says:

    Well deserved, my friend!

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